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Bathroom Fitters Jobs – How To Find Projects Online

You might believe that has become harder to find bathroom fitter jobs nowadays. Competition is fierce, and customers are much more aware of what they need and should get from a contractor. You might be struggling and thinking if you choose the right profession.

It isn’t easy to identify the best resources and guarantee a regular stream of income. However, you need to look for jobs in the right place: online. But how to find them on the web and ensure they choose you? We will be answering these and other questions below.

Plumbers and other contractors are always in demand

One thing is certain: plumbers, tilers, electricians, and other contractors are always in demand. And you should stop blaming the lack of customers to any issues you are experiencing. All house owners will require services like yours now and then, including those living in new residences.

Even when people are good at DIY solutions, they might not be up to do the job themselves. It can be because the task requires more time they can spare. Or because it’s too complicated or can cause severe damage if poorly done. In case, it’s a contractor they will call. And it can be you.

Plumbing vacancies from classifieds pages are outdated

Forget the newspapers. Checking plumbing vacancies on classified pages are a thing of the past. Few people bother with them. And those who do are likely to hire the first responder – remember they have already waited for the paper to be published to get the word out.

The same goes for advertisements on local churches, shops, and community centres. Even though you still find them in some places, the job usually goes to someone referred by a neighbour. So, if you are looking to expand your business, they won’t help you much.

Search for the best plumbing jobs online

Contractors that take their career seriously will search for the best plumbing jobs online. It’s on the web you will find house owners interested in paying for quality and expertise but without the time to make several phone calls. But they considered relevant to create a job description and are prepared to go through the offers.

On our website, you will find a listing of house owners looking for bathroom fitters. They either need something fixed or make improvements to the room. They have been screened for veracity, and you will be able to contact them and discuss pricing without any interference.

Take your plumbing career to the next level

But finding jobs online is just the beginning. You will also need to keep yourself at the top of the game, so your offer will be chosen by potential customers. For starters, watch your plumbing career by remaining up-to-date with the latest trends and demands of your industry.

Highlight your qualifications and experience every time you reach a customer. Even if you don’t get the job, leaving a good impression increases your chances to hear from them in the future. And, when possible, only take jobs that will add value to your portfolio. It will ensure you will win even more contracts in the future.

Bath fitters should say they are bath fitters

A common mistake made by contractors looking for customers is to position themselves as a jack-of-all-trades. They think that specialising in a niche will narrow their options down to the point they won’t have enough jobs to pursue.

The truth is that bathroom fitting is a premium task, one that can easily be priced around thousands of pounds. For this reason, customers want to hire experienced contractors. And it’s unlikely that you can prove expertise on every task. Therefore, making your specialities known will bring you the best offers.

Be careful with plumbing agencies

You might be tempted to contact a plumbing agency so they can find jobs for you. But while they can be helpful, you shouldn’t give up on trying to find your own clients. By using online tools, such as those offered on our website, you can negotiate with your customers directly.

And don’t think that being referred by an agency will make that much difference to your customers. It’s your portfolio they will want to see, not a brand. Actually, agencies put some people off because they are perceived as more expensive and bureaucratic. Meaning that relying on one might backfire instead of increase of chances of being hired.

Labourer jobs might not be what you are looking for

While searching for jobs online, read the job description attentively to identify potential causes of a headache. Customers who create ads for “labourer jobs” require extra attention, for instance.

These customers might see bathroom fitting as hard physical work. Something that don’t require without qualified expertise. As a consequence, asking them for a fair payment might become difficult. So clarify what your service involves before discussing pricing. Don’t disregard the offer straight away, though. It might just be a poor choice of words.

Should I look only for plumbing jobs near me?

You are probably asking yourself if you should type on the search bar something like “plumbing jobs near me”. And this is understandable, as many contractors believe that location is a major deciding factor. But such a search is unlikely to be helpful.

Consider this: you either work in an area where many plumbers are based, or you don’t. On the first scenario, reach far away from your location. When nearby competition is though, choose locations where demand is higher than the offer. It will bring you better results.

On the other hand, the only plumber in town is likely to be already known by potential customers living in the same area. Meaning that you would be wasting your time trying to reach them online. The web gives you the opportunity to broaden your prospection, and you should use it in your favour.

Make the most of online search

The most efficient way to find jobs nowadays is by searching them online. It’s cheaper, more practical, and more efficient than depending on advertising or word-of-mouth.

Through online services like ours, you will have direct access to people ready to hire you. It will bring you income much faster than hunting for clients aimlessly.



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