How to Find the Best Bathroom Quotes Online

Finding the best bathroom quotes online certainly is one of your goals during your quest for the bathroom of your dreams. But you might be wondering how to do it as there are so many people offering services, making it harder to distinguish good from bad.

So, let’s discuss below some things you can do to ensure that you will hire the best contractors for your bathroom installation. They will be easy to carry on and save you much trouble. But without them, you can be facing a big risk of wasting money and time.

Have in mind the average bathroom prices

The first thing you will need to have in mind is the average bathroom prices related to installation and remodelling. Of course, you know they aren’t set in stone. The amount you will pay will vary according to the complexity of the job. But you can still have an idea and stop people from tricking you.

In the UK, installing a toilet will cost from £50, and you will need to add the price of the toilet itself – on Amazon, you will find some options from £75. That would be a simple job. On the other hand, a complete bathroom remodelling will cost anywhere from £2000 to £5000 depending on the quality of the materials and the size of your bathroom.

Ask around how much other people have paid for the same service before talking to a contractor. You can also do some research online or have a chat with salespeople at home improvement stores. This way you can have a broader range of suggestions at your disposal.

Understanding bathroom costs

Before you start panicking with the pricing, you must be aware of the bathroom costs. There are several reasons why it can be expensive. For starters, fitting or refurbishing a bathroom is, indeed, a complex and specialised work. It might involve several tradespeople, such as tilers, plumbers, electricians, and painters. And each one of these skills takes time to be learned and fine-tuned.

You should also know that the job might include some construction work. The subfloor might not be in good shape, or you might want to install something that requires moving pipelines or electricity lines. Add to it the materials, appliances, waste disposal, and insurance costs. It will give you a better understanding of what is involved.

What I should include in your request for a bathroom quote

Now, it’s time for you to write down your request for a bathroom quote. And the right way to attract the best contractors is by providing all the information they need beforehand. This way you can get a quote that matches your expectations.

Make sure that you describe exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Send them images or drawings that can represent how you want your bathroom to look like in the end. Inform the measures of your bathroom area and any previous refurbishments – or let them know they will be dealing with a brand-new bathroom.

Screen your quotes

Once you start receiving answers, screen your bathroom quotes by checking how professional they look. Experienced contractors will send you a well-organised and straightforward quote. Or they will be clear about what kind of essential information was missing from your request. And they will provide you with something more specific once you explain it.

But don’t assume that the best tradespeople will be those with a fancy portfolio or 3D animated websites. Sometimes, the right person for the job is the one who sent you a simple email. It’s all about saying what you need to hear, not how one design a reply. You will also want to check:

  • Experience: choose contractors that have done a similar job before and have specialised in it. Installing a bathroom from scratch is very different from only changing tiles.
  • Skills: make sure they have the skill set that you need or that they work in partnership with other contractors – so they can get the job done together and you don’t have to manage multiple workers. You will need to know, for instance, whether they will do the job themselves or involve subcontractors.
  • Services: when in doubt between two options with similar qualifications, pick the tradesperson that can provide you with something extra, such as waste disposal or project consultation. Also, remember to ensure they are fully insured.

How to search for quotes?

There are some advantages in typing “bathroom quote near me” in the search bar. One of them is that you will get local contractors, people who know the area where you live and be aware of its most common issues. There might be a poor water service or a constant need for heating, for instance. And this knowledge will be an advantage while outlining your project.

On the other hand, a contractor based in another part of your town, even in another county, still can have the qualifications you need. Also, depending on where you live, you might not have anyone skilled living nearby. In this case, you will want to use “near me” searches only as a final resource to choose your favourite.

Remain safe & always ask for references

In any case, when searching for bathroom quotes online, make sure that you are safe. Ask your contractor for references and check them – many people request references but never make a phone call. It will help you to know if their services are genuine. While talking to the suggested contact, have a chat about how happy they were with the contractor’s behaviour as much as with the job itself.

Choose to meet candidates in a public place before taking them to your house. Yes, they will need to visit the area to make sure that their quote is correct. But it can be a second step. Once you get to know the tradesperson and feel more comfortable around him or her, then yes. Still, make sure there are other people in your house or apartment with you.

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