The Secrets of a Perfect Bathroom Refurbishment & Keeping Costs Low

You want to be proud of your bathroom. You might have been turned off before about a place just because the bathroom looked bad. And you don’t want that yours have the same effect on your family or guests.

If you feel that yours isn’t quite right, a bathroom refurbishment is a solution. But there are many things you should be concerned about before starting a makeover. Let’s go through them below.

Inspect the need of repair before your bathroom refurb

The first thing you want to do is inspect the need for repairs before starting your bathroom refurb. The goal is to avoid covering underlying issues, such a subfloor of poor quality, during your makeover. Or that you discover that you need to spend more money than you thought.

Call your bathroom specialist and ask him or her to check if pipes, tiles, floor, and others, are good to go. A professional is better suited than you to draw a reliable conclusion. Then you can take from there, after dismissing or fixing issues.

Planning your refurb

Think in advance what you want to change in your bathroom and why. Do you want to make it look nicer by choosing new colours or textures? Do you want to improve durability by replacing materials with versions of better quality? Or do you want to add appliances, such as a hot tub or a massage chair?

Of course, you can say yes to more than one question above. The point here is making sure you understand that different objectives require different projects (and different professionals in charge). And you want to have everything written down in advance, so you don’t have to restart the job just because you realised you wish a new sink.

Consider the cost of bathroom refurbishment

Once you know what you want, it will be much easier to find out the cost of a bathroom refurbishment. With your ideas on the paper, ask the professional you hired to give you an estimate. This is step number one, but it will offer you a fair idea of how far you can dream – then you can decide if you can dream a little further or need to cut things down.

The second step will be choosing new materials and appliances, so they match your style. An interior designer can help you with it. But when in a tight budget, be ready to go through several catalogues to find the best tiles or wood floor, for instance. Just remember to follow the guidelines of your bathroom specialist to avoid buying something that won’t fit in the project.

What about a complete bathroom makeover?

If you have the budget for it and fancy a bathroom out of a magazine, you can allow yourself to have a complete bathroom makeover. Meaning that you will ask a professional to knock everything down and start from scratch, changing from floor to ceiling.

The only thing here is that you should be prepared for the mess. Renovating an entire bathroom from zero is a long task, and it involves a lot of dust, waste, noise, and time without being able to use the facility. You will probably prefer moving out during the work, dropping by from time to time to check the progress.

Be aware of the limitations

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to have what you want. Maybe the area is too small for the bathtub you want. Or maybe there isn’t a way to adapt the pipelines and install a multiple shower-head system. You should also consider the volume of water that a rain shower consumes.

Discuss your ideas with the professional you hired and make he or she feels comfortable enough to tell you that some of them aren’t realistic. Don’t impose your way, or you might end up without enough space for your legs in front of the toilet.

Let your imagination run free

Once you are aware of the limitations, let your imagination run free during your bathroom refurb. It’s your home, and one of the most intimate areas of it. And if you are renovating your own en-suite bathroom, you certainly can bend the rules even more.

Nowadays, you will find bathrooms turned into home spas, and there is nothing wrong with it. Many will have a TV, sound system, and other equipment to make your time in there more enjoyable. Again, consult your bathroom specialist to decide where to install them and which models better suits a wet environment.

Keep one eye on your costs – they do add up!

It isn’t uncommon you will need to spend more money than the initial estimate of your bathroom refurbishment’s cost. Especially if you didn’t do a thorough inspection beforehand, it’s always possible that you might find out later that you forgot something. Or you might get excited and decide to include something extra.

Still, it should be your decision not a consequence of poor service. Keep one eye on the job that is being done and make sure that your tiler or painter is following the project. Most of the time you will be fine, as contractors are much more professional nowadays. But avoid unpleasant surprises by supervising the renovation work on a daily basis.

Remember the insurance & waste removal

As a final note, remember to check that all tradespeople you hire to take care of your bathroom makeover are fully insured. It will give you peace of mind. It also sends a note that they are experienced professionals. And make sure that you ask them for a quote that includes protecting the area and removing waste afterwards.

Bathroom remodelling can be a daunting task. It takes time, money, and can create much inconvenience for the entire family. You want to get it right from the start.

The best way to achieve it is by clarifying your most concerning doubts before creating a plan or calling a contractor. So, let’s get to them straight away.

What are the latest trends in custom bathrooms?

The bathroom continues to be a forgotten area. People tend to think twice about remodelling it, either because of a lack of ideas or concern that it will make things worse. However, there is a lot you can do regarding custom bathrooms if you dare to go trendy, such as:

  • Make the most of unusual colours, such as indigo blue, red, or black.
  • Go back in time and decorate your bathroom in the Victorian or Edwardian style.
  • Turn it into a home spa, investing in a hot tub and a multiple shower-head system.
  • Create two showering spaces inside the same walk-in.
  • Add chrome, matt, and other special finishes to your walls and appliances.

How do I find bathroom remodelling contractors?

Online. Yes, you can ask your neighbours about it, but chances are they haven’t hired one in ages. Or that they will only know the local plumber, and you might need someone that can do more than check the pipes. Therefore, the internet is the best tool to search for a bathroom remodelling contractor.

Narrow your choices by checking experience and qualifications of prospecting tradespeople. Verify references and ask for photos of previous jobs. Most contractors will have some portfolio to present to you. Then book a chat with a few to discuss ideas and quotes.

How long it takes to do a complete the entire job?

It depends, considering that a complete bathroom remodelling can be anything you can imagine. You might be talking about changing appliances, the texture of the wall, and the tiles on the floor. But it might involve replacing the subfloor, reworking the plumbing, or installing extra lighting.  More complex is the service, more time it will take to be finished.

You will know the timeline once you take your contractor for a tour of your bathroom and explain the project you have in mind. After it, they will be able to give you a fair idea. But bear in mind that it might take longer. Once your contractor starts working, he or she might find underlying issues that will need to be dealt with, adding days to the service.

What do expect with remodelling costs?

Again, it depends on the project. At a minimum, bathroom remodelling’s costs will include research, purchase, and transport of materials, plus labour and waste disposal. You can also decide to add the support of an interior designer. And if it becomes necessary that you move out of your residence, consider the money you will spend on a hotel.

Sometimes, the materials are included in the fee you pay your contractor. He or she will also give you a figure that covers their insurance costs. And you might ask them if waste disposal is part of their job. This way you can tell for sure what will be coming out of your pocket.

What is the average remodel cost? (Small vs Big)

Another difficult question that depends on your project. But it’s understandable that you want to know the answer to avoid spending too much. Generally speaking, some specialists will say that you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your home’s value on a bathroom remodelling. And that 20% of the budget should go on installation costs.

Still, the suggestion above can sound arbitrary. The current condition of your house or apartment might be so poor that you can’t calculate your bathroom remodelling’s cost based on it. In this situation, it will be best to ask family and friends how much their own bathrooms have cost them. It will help you to have a more reasonable idea.

Want can I do to reduce the costs?

Well, you might need to give up on something to reduce the cost to redo your bathroom. But leave it as a last resort. There are other things you can do before it. Start by talking to your contractor about saving some money. He or she might be able to give you some solutions.

Also, have a look at the most expensive items in your project. Sometimes, you can produce the same effect by choosing a material of same quality but unbranded. Or you can find your vintage tub on an auction. And don’t forget the flea markets, places where you can come across amazing decorative pieces for a fair price.

Considering bathroom shower remodel

Your shower doesn’t need to be the most boring thing in your bathroom. Nowadays, you can make of your bathroom shower remodelling a top priority. For instance, upgrade it by installing a rainfall version, a rounded head, or even having two of them.

You can also add massage jets, coloured lighting, shelves, or a seating area to your shower room. Just remember to check the space, budget, and plumbing/electricity conditions you have at your disposal.

Finding ideas for your bathroom?

Pinterest is the social media platform to go when looking for bathroom remodelling ideas. You can create a board dedicated to it and save all interesting images you can find so that you can discuss them with your contractor later. You can also go traditional and check decorating magazines.

As you can see, it’s much easier than you think to deal with a bathroom remodelling. You just need to think a little, ask around, and get the job done.


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