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What to Consider When It’s Time for a Bathroom Repair

From time to time, you will need to repair your bathroom. Tiles will crack, pipes will leak, and the toilet will get blocked.

Don’t panic. It happens with every bathroom after some years of use, and it doesn’t have anything to do with how well you took care of it.

However, you must act as soon as you notice something unusual. Leaving your bathroom in poor condition can cause more than discomfort. So, let’s see the most important things you need to consider when thinking about repairing parts of your bathroom.

How to know it’s time for a bathroom repair

Start by coming to terms with how serious the issue is. A blocked toilet is particularly annoying, but it can be easy and quick to fix. On the other hand, people tend to overlook damp walls, for instance, even though they can be the first visible symptom of a huge infiltration growing behind the scenes.

The best way to go is to call a bathroom repair specialist to check the problem. They will know better than you how urgent is to get things done. And make sure you take the opportunity to inspect your entire bathroom, just in case there is something not apparent going on.

Bathroom floor repair asks for special attention

The floor is one of the most delicate parts of your bathroom. Tiles can break, become loose or need to be replaced entirely. Vinyl will suffer cuts, buckle or burn. Wood will have scratches, gaps, or mould. Or maybe you never had a proper bathroom floor in the first place, and now you are experiencing the consequences.

While small accidents can be the cause of problems, such as someone dropping a heavy object, you can be facing a normal consequence of wear and tear. But, when dealing with bathroom floor repair, refrain yourself from making cosmetics improvements without investigating the cause.

You will need to check, for instance, whether the subfloor has been affected. If so, get ready for a more extended, and yet unavoidable, operation. It will prevent that the problem spreads and evolves into a sagged ceiling.

How to come up with the cost estimates

Depending on how serious the issue is, bathroom repair’s costs can become expensive. That is because it requires specialised and skilled work, involving plumbing, carpentry, laying floor covering, painting, installation, customisation, and more. And it all comes with a price.

To avoid spending all your savings on it, have the best professional by your side. Bathroom repair specialists will help you to choose reliable and affordable materials. Also, rest assured that experienced professionals won’t overcharge you, as their businesses depend on word of mouth.

How do you find plumbers near you?

Of course, you will probably prefer a bathroom repair service based near you. It makes the logistics more practical. It also increases the chances that the specialist will be aware of frequent bathroom challenges in your area, from plumbing to weather conditions.

Using an online search tool is your best bet to find someone qualified in your neighbourhood. These services usually have filters that allow you to narrow your search by area. They will also show you addresses and contact information. This way, you can just check where the service is located so that you can pick the one closest to your home.

Is it worth buying a repair kit?

You might have heard of repair kits that you can use to fix some of the most common issues by yourself. They usually are filler pastes ready to cover cracks or holes on bath tubs, showers, sinks, or toilets. Simple, easy to use, and cheap, they are the first choice of those wanting to save some money or in need of a quick solution.

There is no denying that a broken tile caused by the fall of a flower pot can be fixed like this with minimum skills. Except if DIY is totally out of the question for you, you certainly should give it a go. However, as mentioned above, you need to be 100% sure you won’t be hiding an underlying (and much bigger) problem. When in doubt, wait for an inspection from a specialist before using the bathroom repair kit.

Preparing for the work to be done

As you might have noticed, it might take more than just a couple of hours. Depending on how big your bathroom is and the extension of the problem, it might be necessary a few days of hard work. Meaning that, if you don’t have more than one bathroom in your house or apartment, you will have to prepare for the inconveniences the repair will cause.

Usually, you are better off moving to somewhere else for a while, either a hotel or a friend’s home. Or ask a neighbour to let you and your family use their bathroom for the duration of the job. If neither is possible, ask your tradesman about a temporary mobile toilet. It might be that he or she will bring one to your home for their own use anyway.

Take care of your appliances

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is to take good care of your appliances and decorative pieces before the job start. In many cases, bath tubs, toilets, showers will be removed, and you need to have a safe place to keep them. Small objects also have to be stored.

Consider what to do with the waste

Lastly, remember you will need to dispose of the damaged materials. Ask the professional responsible if he or she will take care of the task for you. If the answer is no, you will need to learn the appropriate manner and place to get rid of the waste as soon as possible. This way you won’t have a house full of dust and garbage after the job is done.

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