Guide To New Bathrooms Costs & Estimates

The price depends a lot on what you are planning to do and where you live. In the UK, a new bathroom average cost is somewhere in the region of £2000 to £5000, according to the materials you choose and how much work is involved. Hiring the services of an interior designer also increases the bill.

What is included in the bathroom costs

Thinking of adding a new bathroom to your house or maybe building one from scratch? Then you must be wondering how much you are going to spend on it. Building a new bathroom can be full of surprises if you don’t learn everything you need before buying materials or hiring contractors.

But fear no more. We have put together a bathroom guide for you with all the necessary information about the expenses involved. This way you can enjoy the experience instead of fear it.

You should expect to spend a significant part of your budget on materials to build floor and walls, install pipes and electricity, and to buy the basic appliances (toilet, shower head, sink). Their impact on the cost of a new bathroom will vary based on how fancy you go when you choose them.

Then, there is labour cost. Your contractor will charge you according to the skills and time required to complete the task. And you might need more than one tradesperson: plumber, electrician, tiler, etc. Usually, you will be able to find them all working together for the same company or in partnership. And the mandatory insurance will also be included in their quote.

Finally, be prepared to additional costs – and these are the ones you want to keep track so not to lose control of your budget. You might spend money during your search for materials and tradespeople. Or staying out of your house while the job is done. You should also consider the cost of waste disposal if it isn’t included in your contractor’s fee.

Considerations when installing a new bathroom suite

When talking about installing a new bathroom suite, you must consider a few things. One of them is what bathroom we are talking about. The master one, for instance, requires more work, as it usually is the largest in the house. It’s also supposed to be the nicest.

But, sometimes, the master bedroom is private, placed inside the couples’ bedroom. Meaning you can be more personal in terms of decoration. But it also means you might need to move a few walls to get it done. On the other hand, a bathroom that will be used by children or people with little mobility demands specific design.

How to cut down costs

There are a few things you can do to decrease your new bathroom installation’s cost. The first one is to avoid design materials and appliances. You can find the same level of quality in unbranded options. You can also hunt for items on flea markets and auctions.

Another one is to be smart while searching for your contractors. Don’t be fooled by sweet talk or fancy websites. Sometimes, the best choice is the simplest one. And don’t go for the cheapest without considering other factors. References are the primary instrument to ensure you hired the right person.

How much does a new bathroom floor cost?

The floor is one of the most sensitive parts of your bathroom, and to know how much it costs will depend on a thorough inspection. The thing is that you will need to ask a professional to do it for you, as the subfloor also has to be checked. Hopefully, everything will be fine. But if not, you will have to spend some more on it.

A new bathroom floor’s cost will vary according to some choices you make. First, you need to choose between tiles (ceramic, porcelain, stone), vinyl or wood. Then, check the labour cost with your contractor – it can range from £300 to £1500, but it depends on the area covered. Lastly, consider if you want a heated floor – and if so, which kind (electric or hydronic). It will increase your bill around £500 more.

Where to find new bathroom ideas that won’t leave you broke

If you are lost, consider asking your family and friends for new bathroom ideas. Pick those who have bought brand-new houses or apartments as they will have first-hand experience about it. You can also find some interesting ideas on social media, especially on Pinterest – but make sure you search for cheap ideas.

Another possibility is to hire an interior designer or ask a contractor to help you with the planning. It might seem like an extra cost, but it will save you some money in the long run. As experienced professionals, they can help you to find affordable materials and the right places to buy them.

Outdoor Bathrooms

Installing an outdoor bathroom is a great idea when you have guests hanging out in the backyard or around a swimming pool frequently. Or if you have an office or guest room outside. And it can be cheaper than you think, especially if you are happy with a DIY solution.

But if you want something of higher quality, understand that you are talking about construction work. Unlikely when you are installing a new bathroom inside your house, you will need to build walls and everything else from zero. And it will add to the bill.

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider when analysing the cost of a new bathroom. However, the information you got above in this new bathroom guide should help you to get started. Best of luck!

Getting estimates

Before informing you the final cost of your bathroom fitting or remodelling, your contractor will send an estimate for the job. The goal is to give you a fair idea of how much you might spend, so you can decide if your project needs adjustments.

But how to get your bathroom cost estimates right, making them as close as possible to the correct amount? This is what we are going to discuss below.

Bathroom installation

Bathroom fitting involves several tasks and skills. And you must be aware of them while trying to figure out your bathroom installation cost. Here are some of the items that will have an impact on your estimate:

  • Plumbing, either to install or to reroute it.
  • Tiling walls or floors or both.
  • Electricity, to add or replace lamps.
  • Heating, either in-floor or central.
  • Appliances and other essential items, such as toilet, basin, shower head, and shower panels.

You might also need to compute to your estimate some construction work to fix subfloor, build walls, or replace windows. And don’t forget the decorative pieces and appliances, such as vases, paintings, and mirrors.

Regarding labour, remember that contractors will have insurance costs added to their cost. And that it might not include waste disposal – so ask your contractor about it. You might decide to hire an interior designer to help you out as well. Plus, don’t forget to consider the money you might spend doing research and staying in a hotel while the job is done.

All the above should be in your mind when requesting your bathroom cost estimate. Of course, not all fittings will require much work. But it’s easier to delete than add.

Find out what goes in a bathroom cost estimate

Looking at a bathroom cost estimate for the first time might be scary, especially if you aren’t a math fan. So, it’s best to be prepared.

Usually, estimates are simple spreadsheets listing item by item, along with their description, source, quantity, and estimated cost. Let’s say that all you need is to replace a broken toilet. Your contractor might send you something like the example below.

Item Source Quantity Estimated Cost
Toilet seat, white, with cistern and seat iBathUK/Amazon 1 £74.99 + delivery cost
Installation of the toilet seat Labour 1 £70-£90
Removal of old toilet Labour 1 £50
TOTAL £220

You will notice a few things there. First, the cost of the toilet seat doesn’t include the delivery cost. It might be because your contractor doesn’t know your address. Or because he or she considers that you might want to buy it somewhere else or to pick it up in a shop yourself. The labour cost is also not final because maybe an unexpected task will come up during the execution of the job, such as damaged plumbing or subfloor.

As you can tell, the estimate above is for a straightforward job. If you are looking into remodelling your bathroom entirely, there will be many more items in that spreadsheet. And more things to impact on the cost.

Bathroom cost per square meter

Sometimes, what you need is to build from scratch. You might have bought a brand-new house, or you are adding an extra bathroom to your residence. In this case, you are probably wondering if you can learn the bathroom cost per square meter and how it could benefit you.

The truth is that you are likely only to find this type of estimate related to part of the job, such as underfloor or under wall costs. In other words, related to anything that it is a type of construction work and can be measured by its length. We are talking here about the installation of re-routing of electricity cables, pipelines, tiling, and heating.

For underfloor heating, for instance, expect an estimate of £30-48 per square meter in the UK, depending on the system and the conditions of your subfloor. Electricity can be a bit cheaper, from £14-25 per square meter. But it all depends on a series of factors, therefore don’t take these figures for granted.

Ask around the bathroom fitting quotes

Still, there are many other things you might want to do, and you don’t want to be caught by surprise. You want to have an idea of the bathroom cost for fitting before calling the first contractor. And for that, you can start by asking around.

List all items and tasks involved in your bathroom fitting, the same way you would do to create an estimating spreadsheet. Chat with friends and family to ask them how much they paid for bathroom refurbishment in the past. Take note of what exactly was done, what was not included in the cost, and how long ago the job was done.

Then compare what they said to the tasks you are looking for. Disregard those from more than three years ago and jobs done in the countryside if you live in London or another large town. Then add the amounts suggested so you can have a rough estimate.

Be prepared to undertake your project

Generally speaking, the bathroom cost of a new build will be expensive. And you should be expecting it, as the job involves a lot of work, skills, time, and expertise. It’s the reality of this industry, and there is very little you can do to change it.

However, what you can do is to save on appliances (choosing cheaper models) and some materials. Or do the job step by step.  For instance, you can paint the walls and tile them later. Labour cost is the hardest one to cut down, and it’s not recommendable to pick a tradesperson based on pricing instead of quality. Poor service will cause you trouble and more cost in the future.

As you can see, dealing with your bathroom cost estimate is a question of looking at the details as much as at the big picture. Researching and talking to your friends and contractors will also help you to put together the best estimate to your bathroom fitting.



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