Wet Room Installation Costs: From Idea to Build

Even though some people use the term interchangeably, a wet room is one stage beyond a standard bathroom. And you deserve congratulations for building one in your house! But not because they are more expensive, but because they will make the room much more stylish.

But how to transform your bathroom without going broke due to the wet room installation costs? This is one of the questions that we will answer below.

Typical wet room installation costs

Several items will be part of your total wet room costs. Labour and materials will be responsible for most of it.

On average, installing a wet room can cost between £5000 to £10,000 in the UK. Underfloor heating and other extras can make it even more expensive. But the good news is that it will increase the value of your home, especially if you manage to keep a bath in it or in a second bathroom.

We will repeat it one more time: the contractors you choose must be specialised and experienced in wet rooms. They must know how to ensure quality and safety to your walk-in bathroom. Materials also need to be appropriate for this type of bathroom – ask for help in any home improvement shop before making purchases.

How do I select the best bathroom companies?

Look for experience and references if you want to find the best wet room installation companies. Wet rooms are no easy job, and your local plumber might not be qualified to get it done. However, he or she can give you some names.

When narrowing your search down, ask potential contractors to send you a portfolio and a list of contacts. And actually check everything. Ask their references if any accidents have happened in their wet rooms due to poor fitting. Better not take any chances in this case.

Building a wet room

Understanding well what you are talking about is the first step to save money on this journey. You will communicate your wishes more clearly to your contractor once you know how to build a wet room. As a consequence, their estimate will be more precise.

Your wet room can be an adapted version of your current bathroom. It will be a minimalist version of it, with showering taking priority. A wet room is fully tiled (floor to ceiling) and requires waterproofing the entire room. You will also make sure that it dries fast, and surfaces must be taken care of to avoid damage.

Wet room design considerations & ideas

An outstanding wet rooms design is about making the most of the showering experience. You will need to bear in mind that toilet and basin will have little space for themselves. You might also have to give up on your bathtub, except if you have a very large bathroom to work with.

Lighting plays a crucial role, as wet rooms are expected to be bright spaces. Glass screens are the norm, but they won’t keep you behind closed doors – the reason why they are also known as walk-in bathrooms. As for the floor and tiles, you can choose to use ceramics, stones, or even concrete. But they are likely to be the same type and colour from top to bottom.

Where do I find small wet room design ideas?

You will find several small wet room design ideas online. You can check Pinterest for boards dedicated to them and get inspired. You can also flick through decorating magazines.

However, another interesting source are hotels, gyms, and spas, as most of them have small walk-in bathrooms nowadays. Search for pictures of their facilities on the web. You want to see how they look like, but also how they make the most of small spaces, including protecting towels and toilet paper from getting wet.

What are the pitfalls of wet room flooring?

Flooring will be the reason for most of your concerns while building a wet room. It must be correctly done to prevent damage, to both your body and your pocket. For instance, misaligned tiles are a top cause of issues for obvious reasons.

A wet room is called wet for a reason. Therefore, the wet room flooring must be able to dry itself fast, thanks to excellent drainage and sealing systems. While discussing it with your contractor, remember to consider the seasons, as it is much easier to keep the area dry during the summer than winter.

Considerations for your bathroom before you commit

Any wet room floor installation guide will let you know this is not a job for amateurs. Walk-in bathrooms are trendy, but they are a recent concept in the residential market. Meaning it might be hard to find contractors with the right expertise to build yours. And once you do, be ready for higher fees.

Wet rooms are brilliant for those looking for something contemporary, stylish, and charming. They are the best choice for people with none or little mobility, such as children, elders or people with physical disabilities. But they must be built by qualified professionals. Otherwise, they become just a damp, steamy, and slippery room.

Hiring wet room installers

When they are the best ones in town. You will be spending more than a couple of thousand pounds on your walk-in bathroom. Therefore, you will need to do better than just google “wet room installers near me”.

Location won’t be a significant factor because what you are looking for is the most qualified crew. And you are more likely to find them working for companies or together in large partnerships. For this reason, unless you live in a commercial area, you will need to expand your search to a few miles away from your residence.

In conclusion, a wet room is a dream coming true, but it will require your special attention. Make sure you treat it with as much care as you would offer to any other project. This way you can enjoy the best showering experience once the job is done.



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